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“Visagino linija” is one of the biggest employers in the Eastern Lithuania, currently the Company employs approximately 700 people.

We offer to our employees:

  • salary competitive on the regional scale and paid in due time;
  • all social guarantees;
  • training and professional development programs;
  • career opportunities at the Company and SBA Group;
  • supply of work clothing;
  • catering at the Company’s canteen with a discount for employees;
  • free transportation from the Town to the workplace and back to Visaginas;
  • active sports and cultural activities

From Operator to Project Manager

Audrius LingÄ—, Investment Project Manager

Audrius is a perfect role model of a patriotic and career-driven person. He graduated from Utena College with a diploma in nursing, worked in Ireland for some time right after his studies, but nostalgia for his homeland and longing for his loved ones brought this young lad back to his beloved hometown Zarasai. It has been over a decade since 2007 when Audrius has started commuting from this town, famous for its lakes, to Visaginas, the home of “Visagino linija”.

The Manager started his career at the Company “at bottom of the food chain”, as he would say himself: he worked as an Operator for several years, then he was promoted to a Foreman, moved up to work as a Chief Foreman and worked his way up to the position of a Technologist, which, by the way, was his original goal. “When I returned to Lithuania, I saw an advertisement that “Visagino linija” was hiring new employees. Then I applied for the position of a Technologist, despite knowing nothing about this job. Now, looking back, I am very glad that not only the Management saw that I did not have the required experience then, but they gave me a chance to demonstrate my abilities starting from a lower step on my career ladder”, Audrius recollected his plans with a smile on his face.

Today he continues climbing up his career ladder successfully and has been assigned as the Manager of an Investment Project, which is of great importance for the Company. “Not only I gained loads of knowledge over the years of my employment, but I also learnt how to be brave, diplomatic, and creative”, Audrius went on and advised that working well and honestly were not always the right elements needed for a successful professional career. – “We, Lithuanians, are modest people, and yet making a successful professional career requires being brave and promoting one’s personal traits. A person must be brave and not to be afraid of showing initiative.”

The Manager was also positive that people should not be afraid to start their career on the lowest step. On the contrary: this experience could be a great asset as you climb higher. “I believe, that a manager, who understands the processes performed by his or her subordinates, who understands, how they feel, how much these employees work and the way they work, would be a better manager. After all, a manager is supposed to know everything: to understand his or her employees, and to know the details of production processes”, – he said.